Landscape architecture is a design profession that involves the analysis of environmental factors, aesthetic qualities, historic and cultural features, construction techniques, and human interactions as they relate to the development of design  proposals for conservation, visual experience, utility of space, land planning, design and construction.

It has traditionally been thought of as a profession of landscape stewards. Today, landscape architecture continues to focus on landscape stewardship while transforming the land into ecologically sensitive places that are both functional and artistic while providing for the public's health, safety and welfare. 

Landscape architecture projects can range in scale from a very large project such as a wilderness, watershed, national park or transportation corridor to medium sized projects such as playgrounds, corporate and educational campuses, streetscapes and city parks as well as smaller scaled projects including commercial entryways, pocket parks, and residential landscapes.

For additional information about the profession of landscape architecture, please visit the national ASLA public relations website. If you are interested in becoming a landscape architect visit the Iowa ASLA education page or visit ASLA's Career Discovery page.