Landscape architects are employed in private, public and academic organizations.

Private sector opportunities are found within landscape architectural, engineering, architectural and planning firms. Landscape architects may also work with other types of private corporations that have physical planning departments, or offer products and services related to land planning and development.

Public sector employment opportunities are found within federal, state, regional, and municipal agencies involved in land planning, development and preservation. Federal agencies employing landscape architects include the U.S. Forest Service (employing the greatest number of landscape architects in the U.S.), National Park Service, Soil Conservation Service, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Transportation, Veteran's Administration and others. State and local governments offer landscape architects many more opportunities.

Landscape architects in academic practice teach and conduct research in the professional programs offered by colleges and universities across the country. Landscape architects are also found on the faculties in departments of architecture, art, planning and other related fields, and teaching in community colleges and continuing education programs.

Landscape architectural salaries vary depending on the years of experience, geographical location and type of position. In 2007, the average salary for entry-level landscape architects was $41,500, while in 2006 that of experienced practitioners was $89,700.