Category I & I-S: Design (Built)


Category I & I-S: Design (Built)

from 25.00

CATEGORY I or I-S (student) : DESIGN (BUILT)

Categories I and I-S recognize the following:


•                Construction of site-specific works of landscape architectural design (including urban design). For large incremental projects, at least the first stage must be completed to be eligible for an award.

•                Design entries should exhibit a relationship to planning and a framework for larger than the immediate site.

•                Typical entries in this category may include: communities and housing; urban design, streets and public spaces; parks and recreational facilities; transportation corridors and facilities; residences and gardens; commercial facilities; resorts; institutions; historic preservation and restoration; reclamation and conservation; landscape art and earth sculpture; interior landscapes.


Main criteria for judging Design (Built) are the following:


1.              Quality of design

2.              Functionalism

3.              Relationship to context

4.              Environmental responsibility

5.              Relevance to the profession, the public, and the environment


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