Category III & III-S: Planning & Analysis


Category III & III-S: Planning & Analysis

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Categories III and III-S recognize the following:

•                The wide variety of professional activities that lead to, guide or evaluate landscape architectural design.

•                Typical entries might include: general development, regional, transportation, recreation, or town plans; urban planning, government policies or programs; legislation or regulations; landscape analysis such as environmental assessments and natural- and visual- resource inventories; natural-resource protection, conservation, restoration, and/or reclamation plans.


Main criteria for judging Planning and Analysis are the following:

1.              Quality of planning and analysis

2.              Functionalism

3.              Relationship to context

4.              Environmental Responsibility

5.              Effective use, presentation or programming of landscape architectural techniques

6.              Opportunities for landscape architecture to have a significant impact on the environment or environmental decision making

7.              Overall relevance to landscape architecture, the public and the environment


Planning and Analysis submittals should include a copy of the planning document for reference. A PowerPoint presentation containing slides 1-3 as described above is required for these submittals. Include reference to any documents submitted separately on the Entry Form. Submit oversized planning, research and communications documents separately. Do not submit any material not specifically requested. 

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